Starting with the 2014-2015 school year, Germantown High School became part of the Shelby County Schools Optional Program. Students who live outside of the GHS district can now apply to attend our school as an optional student. Germantown High School offers a Creative and Performing Arts  optional track for students who live outside of our district, but who would like to join our CAPA program for either Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, TV & Multimedia, Theatre Arts or Visual Arts.

You must obtain a barcoded application from Shelby County Schools.  Please visit the Shelby County Schools website for more information. 

Some general requirements for GHS CAPA optional students are listed below. If you have questions or would like more information, please call our main CAPA/Poplar Pike Playhouse line at (901) 755-7775. 

Students who already live in the GHS district can learn more about joining any of our arts programs by visiting our main office in upstairs C Building, or by speaking with a teacher in your area of interest: Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, TV & Multimedia, Theatre Arts or Visual Arts.

  • Student must submit a copy of the most recent comprehensive report card showing A's, B's and no more than three C's in any academic subject. Students must also have no D's or F's as a semester average in any subject.
  • On a current nationally normed or TCAP Achievement Test, eligible students must score at or above the 70th percentile on the Reading/Language Arts subtest or its equivalent AND on the Mathematics subtest or its equivalent. Submitted test scores must be from within the past academic year,
  • On the EXPLORE, PLAN or ACT, scores in Reading, English and Mathematics must be equivalent to the 70th percentile or higher. On the PSAT or SAT, applicant's scores on the Critical Reading, Writing Skills and Mathematics sections must be equivalent to the 70th percentile or higher.
  • Satisfactory conduct grades and attendance records (including tardies to school and each class) are also required. A total of more than 15 absences and/or tardies is considered unsatisfactory. Final approval is contingent upon review of the student's second semester report card,
  • Potential applicants must schedule an appointment with the Fine Arts Department chair for an interview and/or audition.
  • Performing and Creative Arts students are required to participate in preparation, rehearsals, business management and performances beyond the regular school day.

Click on the links below to download specific audition requirements for each arts area: