Germantown Creative and Performing Arts Annual Night of Recognitions and Awards

           Parents, faculty members, administrators and other Germantown High School supporters gathered on May 6th, 2016 to recognize the talented and dedicated students of the GHS Creative and Performing Arts Department (CAPA) for another year of accomplishments.

            The annual Germantown High School Creative and Performing Arts Banquet, held this year at Woodland Hills Event Center, celebrated the end of another successful year and acknowledged the commitment and achievement of the department's hard-working students. CAPA Department chair Allison Rogers Long gave congratulatory remarks throughout the evening. Guests, while enjoying their food and friends, were entertained not only by the colorful student artwork displayed along the walls of the venue, but by a video montage featuring the high caliber musical productions, choral performances and concerts from the past year. The majority of the evening, however, was spent celebrating the CAPA students of GHS and their prestigious achievements in all areas of the arts: including visual arts, instrumental and vocal music, forensics, theatre and television.

            The most anticipated moment of the evening was the announcement of the CAPA scholarship winners for the 2015-2016 school year. Over the course of the evening, more than $30,000 in scholarships and service awards were presented to some of GHS' brightest and most talented students. Nineteen students were awarded scholarships to help further their creative and performing arts educations at the university level. In addition to the many scholarships, several CAPA faculty members and supporters presented service awards and other distinguished honors to deserving students.

        Since its inception in 1977, the Germantown High Creative and Performing Arts Scholarship Program has become a symbol of the hard work and dedication of GHS CAPA students. Numerous civic clubs, private donors and charitable organizations generously donate the awards each year.

            Thespian Troupe #912 faculty sponsor, Kirie Walz, made a special presentation at the banquet this year to announce the winner of the International Thespian Junior Scholarship. Each year the Troupe selects one thespian in the junior class to receive a $4,000 scholarship. This year Elijah Bienz won the award. The money is designated to send the winning student to a four-week summer acting camp at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

The Seth Matthew Rowan Sophomore Achievement Award is presented by the Thespian troupe to a sophomore in the production class who exhibited the greatest potential and leadership qualities; AJ Cocroft won this prestigious award.

            The final presentation of the evening was the announcement of the E. Frank Bluestein Fine Arts Student of the Year. The award is presented to a student who excels in at least two different arts areas. This year it was awarded to Hayley Walsh.

The following are the major scholarships that were announced at the ceremony:

The Germantown Fine Arts Foundation E. Frank Bluestein Fine Arts Scholarship was awarded to Hayley Walsh in the amount of $2,500.

The Germantown Rotary Club awarded Connor Sackett a scholarship in the amount of $2,500. Presented every year since 1976, the Germantown Rotary Club Fine Arts Scholarship is the oldest of all of the GHS fine arts awards. The winner of the award is honored each year at a Rotary Club weekly luncheon.

The Germantown Association, chaired by Paul Cardelli, Robert Lanier, Thane Smith, Jr. and George Walters, awarded one scholarship. The $1,500 Amelda Zent Scholarship was awarded to Elizabeth Rast.

The Seth Matthew Rowan Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship is donated by the Germantown Fine Arts Foundation in memory of Seth Matthew Rowan. The

Germantown High School fine arts student was tragically killed in a car/train accident in the fall of 1994. The scholarship, in the amount of $2,500, went to Raneem Imam. This scholarship, funded through the GFAF Seth Matthew Rowan Endowment Fund, is awarded to a theatre or television student who has made outstanding contributions to the

Creative and Performing Arts department.

A major music scholarship was presented at this year's banquet. The Germantown Band Boosters give an instrumental music scholarship every year. This year's scholarship was awarded to Jaleyn Pearson in the amount of $2,500.

The Germantown Fine Arts Foundation Theatre Arts Scholarship in the amount of $2,000 was presented to Damaris Diaz.

            The Poplar Pike Arts Guild Sara Savell Vocal Music Scholarship is awarded every year to an outstanding vocal music student. Amanda Dickenson received this scholarship in the amount of $1,000. Contributors for this award are the Poplar Pike Arts Guild and Sara Savell.

            Each year the Tri-M Music Honor Society at Germantown High School awards a scholarship to an outstanding member of the society. This year Tri-M has awarded two scholarships of $600 each to Amanda Dickenson and Megan Ware.

The Poplar Pike Arts Guild Jim and Carol Florow Dramatic Arts Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding drama student. The scholarship is named for the organization's long-time members and first co-presidents. This year's winner of the $1,500 scholarship was Jackie Kamin.        

The David Lilly Memorial Fine Arts Service Award is an endowed fund that was established by Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Bamett in memory of Mrs. Bamett’s son David Lilly, a 1994 graduate of Germantown High School. Lilly was highly involved in all aspects of the theatre and television programs at GHS and was himself a scholarship recipient. He passed away in February of 2000. Latavia Willaimsreceived this service award in the amount of $1,000.

            The Germantown Band Booster Service Awards were presented to Megan Ware in the amount of $1,000 and Jeffrey Lin in the amount of $500.

The Germantown Charity Horse Show Scholarship was awarded to Jasmine Saulsberry in the amount of $1,500.

The Douglas Ramsay GHS-TV Service Award is an endowed fund that was established by Bob Ramsay in memory of his father, a longtime supporter of the GHS Fine Arts Dept. Alex Turner received this service award in the amount of $500.

The Deputy Sheriff Ryan Sequin Scholarship was awarded to Rhomel Brown in the amount of $1,000.

The Poplar Pike Arts Guild PPP Service Awards were presented to Wesley Williams in the amount of $500, Trevor Hardin in the amount of $500, Linda Razany in the amount of $500, and Sunny Lane in the amount of $500.

The Choral Music service award was awarded to Lawrenisha Bledsoe in the amount of $500.


Other awards presented throughout the evening were as follows:

 Band Merit Awards:

OUTSTANDING FRESHMAN: Sideny Robinson; OUTSTANDING COLOR GUARD CAPTAIN: Trinity Neely; OUTSTANDING FIELD COMMANDER: Megan Ware; OUTSTANDING BAND LIBRARIANS: Jeffrey Lin, Jaleyn Pearson; LOUIS ARMSTRONG JAZZ AWARD: Anthony Towns; JOHN PHILIP SOUSA AWARD: Megan Ware; ALL-WEST BAND:Kendall Howard, Long Truong, Olivia Remak, Braxton Andersen, Obed Calix, Jeffrey Lin, Elizabeth Dang, Jordan Lin, Luis Micolta, Michael Cox, John Dinh

ALL-WEST SENIOR BAND: Daniel Meza; GHS BAND OUTSTANDING MUSICIANSHIP AWARD: Connor Cowan; ALL-STATE BAND: Kendall Howard, Long Truong, Jeffrey Lin, Elizabeth Dang, John Dinh


Vocal Merit Awards:


FOUR YEAR SERVICE AWARDS: Ellie Ballin, Callie Beckwith, Lawrenisha Bledsoe, Eric Dance Jr., Erin Dance, Amanda Dickenson, Briana Finch, Evan Hoover, Taylor James, Destiny Parson, Anne Wellford; MOST IMPROVED-CHAMBER CHOIR:Caleb Suggs; MOST IMPROVED-CHORALE: Nia Wells; MOST IMPROVED-WOMEN'S CHOIR: Jaeda Thomas; MOST IMPROVED-GHS CHORUS: Jessica Brimage; BEST HARD WORK/DETERMINATION: Chamber Choir: Tristan Long, Keith Mattix, Roderick Blaylock, D’era Shack; Chorale: Braxton Heard, Kassie Kimble, Taylor James; Women’s Chorus: Cindy Dinh, Makayla Davis, Erica Thomas; GHS Chorus: Kevon Mason and Kendall Woodard; MOST PROMISING FRESHMAN: Rodney McKinner and Abigail Davis; OUTSTANDING EFFORT: Chamber Choir: Carmen Walker, Callie Beckwith, Anne Wellford, and Caleb Suggs; Chorale: Elanis Kelley, Amanda Dickenson, Julie Sandridge; Women's Chorus: Victoria Tarver and Balqiss Al-Attiyat; GHS Chorus: Jackson Landry and Shahid Noordin; ALL SOUTHWEST HONOR CHOIR 2015: Abigail Davis, Trevor Davis, Amanda Dickenson, Evan Hoover, Rodney McKinner, D’era Shack, Caleb Suggs, and Carmen Walker; PARTICIPATION IN ALL-STATE HONOR CHOIR 2016: Amanda Dickenson and Evan Hoover; SENIOR 3 YEAR PARTICIPATION IN CHOIR: Keith Mattix, Mary Grace Payne, Julie Sandridge, Aryn Strickland; SENIOR 2 YEAR PARTICIPATION IN CHOIR: Cliniqué Baker, Diego Boggan, Carmen Walker.


Theatre Honors:

BEST ACTOR: Evan Hoover; BEST ACTRESS: Raneem Imam; BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Jackie Kamin; BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Alan Toney; MOST IMPROVED ACTOR: Caleb Suggs; MOST IMPROVED ACTRESS: Sara Mayers; OUTSTANDING ENSEMBLE MEMBER: Rhomel Brown; BEST NEWCOMER: Dinah Mitchell; OUTSTANDING TECHNICAL THEATRE ACHIEVEMENT: Damaris Diaz, Connor Sackett, Hayley Walsh, Trevor Hardin, Taylor Corpier, Jasmine Saulsberry, Latavia Williams; OUTSTANDING THEATRE MANAGEMENT: Raneem Imam, Damaris Diaz, Hayley Walsh, Connor Sackett, Jackie Kamin.


Television Honors:

BEST DIRECTOR: Hayley Walsh; BEST PRODUCER: Jasmine Saulsberry; BEST ACCESS PRODUCER: Latavia Williams; BEST SPECIALTY PRODUCER: Connor Sackett; BEST NEWS PRODUCER: Damaris Diaz; BEST SPORTS PRODUCER: Bryan Scott; BEST REPORTER: Sara Mayers; BEST ANCHOR: Raneem Imam; BEST TECHNICAL PRODUCER: Conor Sackett; BEST VIDEOGRAPHER: Hayley Walsh; BEST EDITOR: Maggie Lathem; MOST IMPROVED: Lundell Simmons; BEST PRODUCTION STAFF MEMBER: Naya Foster; BEST ALL-AROUND: Maggie Lathem; BEST NEWCOMER: AJ Cocroft; GHS-TV AWARDS OF ACHIEVEMENT: Mazzy Clements, Bryan Scott, Connor Sackett, Hayley Walsh, Alex Turner, Wolfgang Stoltz, Maggie Lathem.